Project Co-Ordinator Assigned as Piping Lead Area Lead Civil Structural Engineering

B ANIL KUMAR, Proprietor

  Personal Experience:

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, having 30 Years, Experience in Project Execution Design and Detail Engineering
  The Personal Experience is being described here under:

Designated as:
Chief Draughtsman, Designer (Mechanical/ Piping) Design Supervisor, Principal Designer, etc
  Project Responsibilities: 
Assigned as Piping Lead, Area Lead, Design Supervisor, Project Co-Ordinator, etc.
  Area of Responsibilities:
Equipment Layout, Piping Layout, Isometrics, Basic Design & Detailed Engineering of Piping, Pipe supports, Modeling in PDS, DD cells in Microstation, PDS RDB updation, Laser Scanning to PDS Laser- Gen for revamp jobs.

The work Included Preparation of B.O.Q., Pipe thickness Calculation, Input for Stress Analysis, Project Proposals, Purchase Requisitions, Technical Bid Summary, Vendor Drawing Design review, Attending Project Kick- Off Meetings, Project Progress Meetings, Preparation of Utility P&IDs, Net Design review, Net Meeting & Tele-Conferences with Inland and Foreign Consultants and Clients, Site visits as and when required. Also done set- up of all customized Software in workstation & developed some Component Customization as and when required.
  Software Experience:
Auto CAD Rel.12/13/14/2000, PDS Micro station, SPR, Design Review, PIPE CAD, Auto CAD and Micro station customized software, Laser Scanning and Image Distillation, MS Office, etc.
  Supporting Documentation’s for the Approval from:
CCE Rules, TAC Regulation, Factory Act, SMPV Rules, IBR Rules, Environmental and Pollution Control Rules and Local Bodies like: HUDA, Town and Country Planning (Punjab& Haryana), etc.
  Knowledge in International Standards:
  Engineering Co-ordination:
Co-ordination with Client, Basic Engineering Developer, Vendor and with other Departments
• Fluor Daniel, Houston Office (USA) for Exxon Baytown Refinery: Delayed Coker Plant Revamp
• Fluor Daniel, South Africa for SASOL Synthetic Fuels Project, Methane Rich Gas Compressor
• Fluor Daniel, California, for fuel Cell Energy
• Technip Angola: Basic Engineering for Cabinda Onshore Facilities and Total Refineries.
• KENAF Pulp Mills Myanmar for Inspection on Piping Erection
  Worked for Indian Clients/Consultants:
EIL, PDIL, BHEL, RCF. Haryana petrochemicals, HPCL, IOCL, Rajasthan Petrosynthetics, Reliance Petroleum, IPCL, Nirma Chemicals, NTPC, NALCO, UPSEB, Jindal Polyester, Jindal Steel, India Polyfilm, SRP Industries, IFFCO,
NMDC, Dalal Consultants, Triune Projects, etc
  Worked for International Clients/ Consultants:
Exxonmobil Irving Oil, ADCO, Fuel Cell Energy, Bathlehem Steel, UOP, Prtrobars, Haldor-Tposoe, NEI Projects, EMS Inventa, Barmag, UOP, NOY Valesina, Mannesman, ISSI, Fluor Corporation, Technip, Chevron, VAI, Snamporgetti, Hyundai, SASTECH, Total, Sinclair Oil Corporation, etc.
  Oil and Gas
  Exxon Mobil, Houston (Texas):
Nox reduction unit revamp, Coker Unit Revamp, Baytown LSM project
  Sinclair Oil Corporation:
SCAN – Fining unit at Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  Madras Refineries, Chennai Cochin Refineries, Kochi, and HPCL Vizag:
DHDS, hydrogen Plant
  HPCL Mumbai:
MS Maximization

ADCO, ASAB, Abu- Dhabi:
Cross Country Gas Pipe Line Project. Gas Gathering Stations, etc

Sasol Synthetic Fuels, Secunda, (S. Africa):
90, 000 NM3/hr Methane Rich Gas Compressor Project

Chevron Texaco:         
Cabinda Oil On Share Installation, Refinery up gradation Revamp for Exhaust Gas to Chimney for Total Fina- ELF Refinery at Luanda, Angola.
  Petrobras (Hyundai): Chemical Injection Skids
  SRP Industries., Varanasi:
Haryana Petrochemicals. Rewari:
Precipitated Silica Plant for Tooth Paste Grade 15000 TPA (PET, PP) Filament Yarn & 15000 TPA PET Polycondensation Plant
  Jindal Polyester Ltd., Nasik:
Rajasthan Petrosynthetics Ltd., Udaipur:
Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers.Ltd, Thal:
PET, PP Yarn & PET Polycondensation Plant.
PET, PP yarn Expansion Project
Ammonia and Urea Complex Phase –I


  Anpara TPP (Stage-I) UPSEB:
Rihand Super TPP (Stage-I) NTPC:

Fuel Cell Energy (USA):
3 Nos. Boiler and ESP.
500 mw Boiler and ESP
MCPP & King County Power Project


  National Alumium Co.Ltd. Damanjodi: Caustic Soda Storage and Preparation Unit.


  Bethlehem Steel Corp., (USA) & NMDC, Vizag: Hydraulic and Pneamatic Piping 

PSA Units:

  Hydrogen: Madras Refineries, Cochin Refineries, HPCL Vizag, IPCL Gandhar, NIRMA Baroda

Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co-Operative, Phulpur



  §Power Projects: Fuel Cell Energy, (USA), § Compressor Project: Sasol Synthetic Fuels, RSA § FCCU & MS Maximization: HPCL Mumbai, § DCU & CDU Revamp: IOCL Guwahati § Gujarat Refinery Revamp: IOCL Baroda § DHDS: HPCL Mumbai § SRU: Relience Petroleum § Hydrogen Plant: IOCL Guwahati § 2000 TPD Ammonia Plant: Snamprogetti, Singapore.
  Technip, Angola:
Contract Employee for Basic Engineering work for Flare Upgradation for Total- Fina- ELF Refinery, Luanda & And Basic Engineering for revamp of Cabinda Onshore Facilities, Angola.
  India Glycol, Kashipur:
Chloro-Sulphonic Acid Plant Piping Detail Engineering comprising Layouts, Support marking including MTO for Triune Project, New Delhi.

SRP Industries, Varanasi:
Precipitated Silica Project Piping Detail Engineering comprising Layouts, Supports, MTO, and Isometric work, for Dalal Consultants and Engineers, New Delhi.

  Marlim Field Development, FPSO:
Chemical Injection Skid Piping Detail Engineering comprising Layouts, Isometrics with Support Marking, Support Index and MTO for Triune Projects, New Delhi
  Indian Oil Corporation, Barauni Refinery:
2 Nos. Coker Unit Piping Detail Engineering comprising Layouts, Isometrics, MTO, Purchase Requisition, Site Visits for Engineering Consultancy Services, New Delhi
  Bio- Diesel Pilot Plant:
Mechanical Detail Engineering comprising generation and preparation of P & IDs, Equipment and Piping Layouts, MTO for Bio- Diesel Pilot Plant of Harbinsons, at Gurgaon
  Gupta Metals, Rewari:
Development of Fabrication and assembly Details for Coil up–Winder.
  Freelance Projects handled during Services:
  • Cabinda Onshore Installation revamp, Angola
  • Total –Fina –EIF refinery up gradation at Luanda, Angola.
  • IOCL Barauni Refinery: Coker Units
  • Precipitated Silica Plant of SRP Industries
  • India Glycol, Kashipur
  • Marlim Field Development: FPSO, Brasoil
  • Harbinsons Bio Diesel Plant
  • Gupta Metals, Rewari
  Service Experience:
  • ExxonMobil, Baytown Refinery, USA
  • RCF Thal Fertilizer complex
  • Rihand Super Thermal Power Project (2x500 MW)
  • Anpara Themal Power project (3x210 MW)
  • NALCO Aluminium Refinery
  • IFFCO Phulpur
  • Fuel Cell Energy corporation, USA (100/120 MW)
  • Bethlehem Steel Corporation, USA
  • IPCL complex, Gandhar
  • Haryana Petrochemicals
  • Sasol Synthetic Fuels, Johannesburg
  Service Experience:
  • ExxonMobil, Baytown Refinery, USA
  • RCF Thal Fertilizer complex
  • Rihand Super Thermal Power Project (2x500 MW)
  • Anpara Themal Power project (3x210 MW)
  • NALCO Aluminium Refinery
  • IFFCO Phulpur
  • Fuel Cell Energy corporation, USA (100/120 MW)
  • Bethlehem Steel Corporation, USA
  • IPCL complex, Gandhar
  • Haryana Petrochemicals
  • Sasol Synthetic Fuels, Johannesburg

Employed with:

  • Technip, Angola
  • Fluor Daniel, Gurgaon
  • Kinetics Technology India Limited, New Delhi (Now Technip KT India, Noida)
  • Dalal Consultants & Engrs. Limited, New Delhi (Now Mott Mac Donald, Noida)
  • Haryana Petrochemicals Limited, Rewari
  • Western India Enterprises Limited, Pune (now UB Engineering)   
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